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“Your skin is the mirror of your health.”

Welcome to Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic

At Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic, your natural beauty comes first. Injectables, skin therapy, skin rejuvenation, and semi-permanent make-up can help you achieve a radiant look. Thanks to the holistic approach taken by Dr. Saloua and her enthusiastic team of experts, your glow will last a very long time.

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Our Team

Dr. Saloua Mathurin

Owner & Cosmetic doctor KNMG

Ruby Dewaide

Clinic manager & Skin therapist

Dr. Emran Barakzai

Cosmetic doctor

The 4 Pillars Of amsterdam cosmetic clinic

Your natural beauty at the centre


We really look at the overall picture and offer different treatments for optimal results.


Safety and excellent quality are paramount. We are members of the professional associations NVCG & NVH.


Our skin care consists of high-quality skin improvement products and can be purchased through our clinic.


At the clinic, you will always receive a warm welcome and we will take plenty of time for you, making you feel at home.

What customers say about us


Katia M.
Katia M.
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Super fun experience.... Gina is awesome!!! I had a hydrofacial and I will be back for another's treatments! 🙏👏😍
Zina J.
Zina J.
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Professional work, customer friendly environment, treatment performed as desired. Thanks specialist Ms. S. for excellent result!
Monique S.
Monique S.
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Very happy again with my touched-up eyebrows. What a difference. Even though I thought it still looked good. Now Jana has brought a clear model and color back into it. And it looks so natural. With great precision she first pre-drawn and showed everything. And then she went to work. With once again going through all the instructions for aftercare she showed me the result. Thank you Jana, I feel even more comfortable with these eyebrows!

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