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Welcome to Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic, the place for a healthy, radiant appearance. We offer progressive and targeted treatments for skin improvement, skin rejuvenation and semi-permanent makeup. In our modern and attractive clinic in the center of Amsterdam, we are at your service with expert advice. We strive for natural-looking results with which you will step out as the most beautiful version of yourself after treatment.


The team at Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic works according to a holistic concept. The premise here is that everything is connected. We really look at the total picture and offer different treatments for optimal results. The specialists at Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic believe that a timely and proper approach to the skin gives the best results.

“Your skin is the mirror of your health.”

By taking good care of yourself, you keep your body and your skin in good condition. This is why we recommend a healthy lifestyle.

House rules

We strive for a calm, familiar atmosphere in the clinic so that you can relax during your treatment. Therefore, we have established a number of house rules that we strictly adhere to.

  • Children are not allowed in the clinic. The clinic is not a safe environment for children because of the stairs and the presence of needles.
  • Pets are not allowed for hygienic reasons.

Please read the booking conditions carefully before making an appointment. This will prevent misunderstandings afterwards.

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Safety and excellent quality are of paramount importance to us. Therefore, we work according to strict rules and we are affiliated with the following professional associations: the Dutch Association for Cosmetic Medicine (NVCG), the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists (NVH) and the branch organization beauticians (ANBOS). We also work according to the cosmetic care quality framework established by the government.

Saloua Mathurin is listed in the BIG register (register of individual healthcare professionals) under number 59920474501 (physician), which can be accessed at

Benny van Lier is registered in the BIG register (Register of Individual Healthcare Professionals) under number 49929002901 (physician), consultable at

Estefany Burniol Ruiz is registered in the BIG register (Register of Individual Healthcare Professionals) under number 69922253301 (physician), consultable at

Skin therapist Ruby Dewaide is registered in the Quality Register Paramedics (KP Register) under number 39105454388 (skin therapist), consultable at

Skin therapist Helia Saberi is registered in the Quality Register Paramedics (KP register) under number 39105416788 (skin therapist), to be consulted at

Beautician Gina Klaassen is registered in the Skin register under number 200574, to be consulted at

Our team

Our team shares the same mission: to make you look naturally radiant. We work closely with different areas of expertise to offer you a total concept. Meet our team!

Dr. Saloua

Owner & Cosmetic doctor KNMG

Dr. Saloua Mathurin – Belboukhaddaoui graduated as an elementary doctor from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam in 2015. She believes in the holistic approach, where the entire lifestyle is scrutinized for radiant results. Saloua specialized after graduating as a cosmetic doctor and gained years of experience in her field. In 2017, she founded Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic after being self-employed for a time. She started alone, but soon her business grew and now a cozy team of passionate professional women is by her side.

Doctor Saloua finds it important to keep her knowledge up to date and to keep developing herself and the clinic. Therefore, she regularly attends congresses and trainings at home and abroad. Her team also receives regular refresher courses and professional literature is on the table in the staff room. This allows Saloua and her team to bring out the best in you, with natural results being paramount.

“I want my clients to be complimented on their beautiful and natural appearance.” she says.

Saloua strives for long-term relationships with her clients. She believes in starting on time to keep your skin beautiful because you will reap the benefits later in life. A single treatment won’t get you there; a beautiful and radiant appearance involves much more. In addition to good nutrition, continuous good skin care and treatment is necessary.

Dr. Benny

Cosmetic doctor
As a cosmetic doctor, I like to listen to your wishes to achieve a natural result. I sometimes say no, because a natural result is paramount. The important thing is that you shine! I am passionate, give personal and honest advice and want to work with you to achieve results that makes you look radiant. Seeing a client return with a smile, confidence and satisfaction makes me passionate. Together we will achieve rejuvenation and refreshment that will make you proud.

Dr. Estefany

Cosmetic Doctor
As a cosmetic doctor, my focus is always on achieving a natural, subtle look that fits each client's unique features and personality. I strongly believe in the importance of open and honest communication with my clients and in making decisions together with them. I believe that the goal of cosmetic treatments should be to highlight a person's own beauty, not to turn them into someone else. Therefore, my goal is to help people be their best selves.


Clinic manager & skin therapist
Ruby is completely at home in the world of your skin. Her incisive approach brings out the most beautiful version of your skin in no time! With her relaxing hands you will also forget for a moment the daily hustle and bustle around you. Ruby is qualified post HBO as clinic manager. "My goal is to give everyone an appropriate and honest advice with a treatment plan to optimize their skin condition. Skin improvement is my passion and I always strive to achieve the best result."


Skin therapist
I make it my mission to perform my work every day with love and skill. With the goal of achieving the best results. Combining various treatments and techniques I do with great pleasure! A treatment process is therefore never the same. Besides my affinity for skin therapy, I have a preference for a holistic approach and the power of the mind. I therefore like to look at the whole.


Skin Specialist
I get energy from challenges. For example, I love creating a treatment plan for difficult skin. To see the before & after after makes me very enthusiastic. Especially the beautiful reactions of my clients make me very happy. This makes me see the worth of my work every day!


PMU artist
Stylish brows, striking lips and sparkling eyes, Jana knows how to bring out the best in your features with her skills. By accentuating your features naturally with a little extra color, she takes away the worry of applying makeup every day. "I love all aspects of the semi-permanent makeup business. I enjoy enhancing the beautiful aspects of my clients' appearance so they always walk out the door looking their best."


Marketing & Back office
I enjoy the diversity in my work. I get satisfaction from making clients happy and enjoy working on social media and scheduling.


Front office
I make sure everyone feels welcome in the clinic and in addition, I schedule the appointments so everything runs smoothly. Every day is different because of the diversity of people and that's what keeps my job fun.


Front office
As a receptionist at Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic I make sure all appointments are properly scheduled and I'm happy to help you with any questions you may have about your treatments. After all, every client has different needs and that makes my job fun and challenging.

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