Cheekbone Contouring with Fillers

As you get older, the production of collagen and elastin decreases, causing your skin to slacken. The fat pads under the skin also lose volume and they start to sink. This can cause your cheeks to sink and your skin to sag. Sunken cheeks can also be caused by weight loss or high levels of stress. The contours that give your face a natural expression become less pronounced. You can use fillers to restore the natural contours of your cheekbones and cheeks. 

The beauty of cheekbones

Beauty is largely determined by the cheekbones. High cheekbones are seen as attractive and desirable (just look at models like Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss). By emphasizing the cheekbones, we bring out your natural beauty and keep you looking beautiful and attractive

Cheekbone contouring in Amsterdam

Here at Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic, we use Stylage hyaluronic fillers. These fillers add volume to the face in a natural way. You won’t have to worry about your face becoming bloated; the fillers subtly correct your contours. This creates beautiful cheekbones and more volume in the cheeks.
The cosmetic physician injects the fillers into the cheeks and around the cheekbones, taking into account the shape of your face and your personal wishes. 

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