Chin Enhancement with Fillers

Did you know that a small or retracted chin can make your whole face look out of balance? Your nose might look bigger or your face might look out of proportion. Treatment with fillers restores the chin in a natural way, bringing your face back into proportion. 

Chin enhancement with fillers in Amsterdam

During a chin correction treatment with fillers, the cosmetic physician creates more volume in the chin. This brings all your facial features back into proportion with each other. Dr. Saloua looks at your wishes and discusses your options with you. We always strive to create a natural-looking result. We use Stylage fillers for this treatment. These contain hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the body which creates volume. The fillers are naturally broken down by your body after about twelve months. You then have the option of repeating the treatment in order to maintain the result. 

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