Botox Treatment for the Chin

There is a muscle in your chin which, if you contract it too much, causes small dimples in your chin. We called this “orange peel” chin. You might also notice a wrinkle between your chin and lower lip, which is often accompanied by tension complaints in the mouth area. A botox treatment is an effective solution for this.

Botox Treatment for “Orange Peel” Chin or Wrinkles in the Chin

Wrinkles in the chin can be caused by an overbite or an underdeveloped chin. By treating these complaints with botox we not only release the tension, but also produce an attractive result. The cosmetic physician administers one or two injections in the jaw muscle. 

If your chin is well proportioned, it will do wonders for your appearance. Another option is to go for a chin correction with fillers. The effect of the botox lasts for around three to four months. 

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