Reduce Visible Gums and Treat a Gummy Smile with Botox

Are your gums visible when you smile or talk? We call this a gummy smile, which some people find unsightly. A botox treatment is a good solution for visible gums, after which you will once again have a beautiful smile. 

What is a gummy smile?

A gummy smile is the term used when your gums are visible when you talk or smile. Your upper lip is pulled upwards by a muscle, exposing the gum. Some people who have a gummy smile don’t find it a particularly attractive. Additionally, gums can become more irritated if they are not protected by the upper lip.

Botox treatment for visible gums and a gummy smile in Amsterdam

The cosmetic physician uses a very thin needle to inject a dose of botulinum toxin into the muscle causing the upper lip to rise. The upper lip then drops slightly, thereby covering the gums. If necessary, the upper lip can also be treated with fillers for more volume, covering the gums even more. 

How long does the effect of botox last?

The botox lasts for about four months, after which point you can repeat the treatment. 

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