We are committed to creating a calm, familiar atmosphere in the clinic, so that you can relax during your treatment. As such, we have established a number of house rules that we follow to the letter. 

  • We love children… just not in our clinic. We therefore kindly request that you do not bring them to the clinic under any circumstances. The clinic is not a safe environment for children due to the stairs and the presence of needles. Children also make treatments less safe because they distract therapists and visitors. 
  • Pets are also not permitted for hygiene reasons. Other visitors may also be allergic to certain animals. 
  • Please read the booking conditions carefully before making an appointment. This will avoid misunderstandings later on.



Safety and outstanding quality are our top priorities. As such, we work according to strict regulations and are affiliated with the following professional associations: the Dutch Association for Cosmetic Medicine (NVCG), the Dutch Association of Cosmetic Practitioners (NVCA), and the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists (NVH).

Saloua Belboukhaddaoui is registered in the BIG register (Individual Healthcare Professionals register) under number 59920474501 (doctor), which can be consulted at

Skin therapist Yasmin Ali is registered in the Dutch Paramedics Quality Register (KP-register) under number 39104962188 (skin therapist), which can be consulted at