The nasolabial fold is the line that runs from the side of your nose to the corners of your mouth. With age, the skin slackens and deeper wrinkles and grooves appear. Deep nasolabial folds can make you look unhappy and older. This can be treated effectively with fillers to create a fresher look.


Nasolabial folds can be caused by a variety of factors. For example, if you have pronounced facial expressions, the grooves may deepen as you get older. Another factor is the slackening and sagging of the cheekbones and cheeks, which lose volume and then droop down, causing nasolabial folds.

Cosmetic physician Dr. Saloua examines the cause of your nasolabial folds and tailors the treatment accordingly. If your nasolabial folds are the result of slackening and sagging, a corrective treatment for the cheekbones may be appropriate. This is often corrected first because that’s where the problem stems from. Every treatment at our clinic is designed to achieve a natural result.

Here at Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic we use Stylage fillers. These contain hyaluronic acid (which is a natural substance found in the body), which creates volume in the skin. You will see the complete result after about two weeks. The fillers last for about twelve months, after which they are broken down naturally by the body.


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