B® is a brand name that is now popularly used as the name for all bo-tulin products. Within Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic, we work with the brand Bocouture® and B®. Bocouture® is distinctive in that it creates natural results and B® creates tighter results. For more information you can always contact the cosmetic doctor.

The specialist injects the muscle relaxant in small amounts into the muscle causing the wrinkles or symptoms, temporarily stopping its action. The muscle relaxant has, as it were, a paralyzing effect on the muscle. As a result, wrinkles in that area diminish and sometimes even disappear.

The muscle decreases in thickness because it is temporarily not tightened. A muscle relaxant is suitable for both reducing wrinkles and lines and reducing physical discomfort.


It is important to always have a qualified, knowledgeable physician educate you if you are interested in treatment. Dr. Saloua is a very knowledgeable doctor who is happy to look at treatment options with you and answer all of your questions.


We work with the Bocouture® and B® brand of treatments. These are one of the leading brands. Bocouture® is low in protein, so the risk of possible allergic reactions is extremely low.


The cosmetic doctors at Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic are experts in the field of muscle relaxers and safely applies Bocouture® and B® treatments. A natural result is always paramount. Are you curious about a treatment at Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic? Contact us or make an appointment right away!


How long does it last?

About 72 hours after the injection the result begins to be visible. The effect of the muscle relaxant continues for some time and after 14 days the result is optimal. The muscle relaxant is broken down by the body after three to six months.

There are known factors that cause muscle relaxants to stay on longer or shorter. In young persons with very thin skin, a longer effect is observed. In people with very strong mimicry and thick skin, a shorter effect is observed. Faster breakdown is also regularly observed in intense athletes.

Will I look fake after the treatment?

Within Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic, we are big proponents of natural beauty. That means we will never send you home with a plastic fantastic look. We strive for a natural result, emphasizing and beautifying your strengths. The team at Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic are experts in the field of muscle relaxants. They can determine exactly what quantities are needed for you. That way, they create a natural and beautiful result.

When can I start?

Every skin is different, so therefore there is no set time to start a muscle relaxing treatment. To give an indication the ideal age is between 25-35 years. Muscle relaxers works preventively and thus no longer works when the wrinkles are already clearly visible. Always be well informed in advance about the possibilities. Besides muscle relaxers, treatment with fillers or a course of skin therapy can be a good way to keep your skin nice and smooth. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Do I need muscle relaxers?

We determine whether muscle relaxants are the right treatment for you during an intake interview. The cosmetic doctor and the skin therapist look at your wishes and the possibilities for your skin. This way you can be sure that you are getting the right treatment. In general, we recommend occasional treatment at the first signs of fine lines.

Can I still move my face after muscle relaxants?

Yes, you certainly can. Our goal is always to achieve a natural result. Therefore, we do not advocate the frozen face look. Especially the eyebrows determine to a large extent the expression of the face and therefore we keep them moving. However, the frown is often stilled giving you a less angry or stern look.

Will I get saggy skin once it wears off?

No, the muscle relaxant does not have a sagging effect on the skin. In fact, it is your own skin that slackens due to natural aging. With muscle relaxants we counteract that aging process so that you continue to look like yourself.

Can I do everything immediately after treatment?

After treatment, you can resume daily activities. However, there are some precautions you should take into account. This will prevent complications. Therefore, adhere to the following aftercare instructions:

  • No sports in the first 24 hours after your treatment.
  • No tanning bed or sauna during the first 24 hours after treatment.
  • No lying flat in the first 4 hours after treatment.
  • Do not wear makeup on the day of your treatment.
  • Do not press on the treated area for 24 hours


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