Jawline Tightening with Fillers

As a result of the natural aging process, your skin loses volume and elasticity. Gravity also plays a role here. The fatty subcutaneous tissue in your cheeks gradually sinks downwards, creating “chubby” cheeks. Your jawline can also become a little less tight because the bone in the jaw gets a little smaller with age. Would you like a tight jawline, even if you’re not yet suffering from signs of aging? We’d be happy to help you. A filler treatment is a good way to achieve the desired result. 

Jawline tightening with fillers in Amsterdam

Dr. Saloua injects Stylage fillers in several places in the jaw. This restores the contours of the jawline. It’s a safe treatment that produces stunning results. You will look younger and fresher again! At Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic, we’re all about the natural look. The body starts to break down the fillers after nine to twelve months, and the effect of the treatment will then fade away. If you like, you can book a repeat treatment to prolong the effect. 

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