Laser treatment is an effective way to tackle skin problems and excessive hair growth. The advanced laser technique helps the body to break down excessive pigment, to slow or stop excessive hair growth, and to prevent skin aging. Here at Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic, we use the Sciton JOULE BBL. The four laser modules allow us to perform targeted treatments for:

  • Acne (scars)
  • Pigmentation spots
  • Melasma (pregnancy mask)
  • Rosacea
  • Couperose
  • Visible blood vessels and blushing
  • Wrinkles and saggy skin
  • Excessive hair growth


BBL – innovative technology for laser treatments. The BBL is a bit like an IPL laser, only much more powerful. The laser uses light with multiple wavelengths, also known as broadband light, to tackle several aging-related problems at the same time in one treatment.

The unique light therapy tackles signs of aging and sun damage, resulting in a fresher, younger, and more youthful appearance. Forever Young BBL is the only device that has been shown to change the expression of 1273 genes – genes that encode collagen and elastin, as well as genes associated with aging – which means that your skin rejuvenates at DNA level. So after a few treatments you may even start to look younger! With regular Forever Young BBL treatments the skin looks brighter, smoother, and much younger.

BBL Vascular
BBL Pigmentation
BBL Vascular


Forever young is an effective treatment for reducing pigmentation spots and redness. You will already notice a difference after just one treatment. You can maintain the fresh, youthful, and radiant appearance by repeating the treatment regularly.


We use Forever Clear to reduce acne. It reduces or eliminates active acne and significantly reduces the risk of permanent scarring. A laser acne treatment is often part of a comprehensive treatment plan that also includes home care products and/or peel treatments. Our skin therapist will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.


More and more women and men are saying goodbye to shaving and waxing for good. Which isn’t really surprising, since around 81% of women shave their armpits several times a week and 10% even shave every day. Many hair removal products are painful, have to be repeated a lot, and don’t produce a perfect and lasting result. But Forever Bare BBL is changing all that!

The mild, effective BBL laser heats the hair follicles, slowing down hair growth. The treatment is pleasant and feels like a hot stone massage.


The SkinTyte laser is an effective way to tone the skin, after which the skin will start to actively produce more collagen and elastin. The treatment uses infrared and visible light. This light heats the dermis while the epidermis remains cool. During the treatment, we use a laser thermometer to measure the temperature of the skin until it reaches a temperature of 38-42 degrees.


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