What is melasma or pregnancy mask?

During your pregnancy, you may develop pigmentation spots on your face (also called melasma or pregnancy mask). Melasma is a pigmentation disorder that causes dark patches to appear on your face in a butterfly pattern (forehead, cheeks, temples, around the eyes, upper lip). Melasma is caused by hormones, not exposure to the sun. Sun exposure can, however, intensify the patches. 

What can you do yourself to combat melasma or pregnancy mask?

Be aware that melasma or pregnancy mask is caused by hormones; we cannot address this cause with treatments. If you are on the pill, consult your GP to see whether you can switch contraception.

The aim of the treatments is to reduce the complaints. Follow-up treatments are therefore essential as the complaints can return. Changes to your lifestyle can also help keep melasma to a minimum. 

  • Always apply a broad-spectrum day cream with SPF 30 or higher that also contains antioxidants, all year round! This is especially important if you don’t (or don’t yet) suffer from hyperpigmentation, because it can help prevent you from getting it.
  • Also use serums that inhibit pigmentation. 
  • Avoid sun exposure as much as possible. 
  • Never use sunbeds. 
Melasma treatment in Amsterdam

Pigmentation spots caused by pregnancy are treatable. Our experienced skin therapists assess your skin carefully, take your wishes into account, and discuss your options with you. We offer a range of safe treatments against melasma, such as laser treatments, Dermapen treatments, and peels. In some cases we also combine the treatment with medical creams, prescribed by cosmetic physician Dr. Saloua. It is also important to wear good sunscreen, because sun damage can aggravate melasma.

Laser treatment for melasma

During a laser treatment, the light emitted by the Forever Young BBL is absorbed by the excess pigment. This is then converted into heat, allowing the body to eliminate the pigment naturally. Please note that you cannot undergo a laser treatment if you are pregnant.

Peels for pregnancy mask

A peel is an effective way to reduce melasma. A peel is a liquid with nourishing and restorative ingredients. The pigment also peels off with it. This allows the nourishing and restorative ingredients from subsequent treatments to penetrate thoroughly and deeply into your skin. Your skin will flake, but it will clear up after a few days. 

What kind of result can I expect from a treatment for pregnancy mask?

Both a laser treatment and a peel will give you a natural and radiant result. Both treatments stimulate cell renewal, which results in even and radiant skin! If the complaints return following the treatment, it is important to act quickly and book another treatment session.

We are more than happy to help you tackle your melasma safely and effectively. Contact us for more information or make an appointment. 

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