Neck Tightening with Fillers

Over the years, the skin on your neck may start to sag. An incorrect posture, where you stick your neck out forwards, can also influence this. The skin on your neck can become wrinkled and saggy, making you look older. Fillers are an effective way to tighten your neck. 

Neck tightening with fillers in Amsterdam

Cosmetic physician Dr. Saloua looks at your wishes and the condition of the skin on your neck. She then treats the skin with Stylage fillers. This is a safe and reputable brand of fillers, which are based on hyaluronic acid. These natural substances create natural volume in the skin. The fillers last for about twelve months, after which they are broken down naturally by the body. After this period, you can repeat the treatment in order to maintain the result. The neck can also be treated effectively with Profhilo skinboosters. 

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