Reduce Nose Wrinkles and Bunny Lines with Botox

Bunny lines are fine lines on or next to the nose. They get their name from bunnies, which constantly twitch their nose. If you are unhappy with your bunny lines, then a botox treatment is a good solution.

Botox treatment for bunny lines in Amsterdam

Here at Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic we use the reliable and leading brand Bocouture®. The cosmetic physician injects the botulinum toxin into the muscle causing the bunny lines using a thin needle, which stops muscle activity. Consequently, the lines reduce considerably and may even disappear.

How long does the effect of botox last?

A botox treatment for bunny lines lasts about three to four months. After that, the body naturally breaks down the botox. The bunny lines may return when you start using the nasal muscle again. You might even get out of the habit of making certain facial expressions in the period when you’re not using the muscle, so the lines may not return. 

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