SkinTech® Peel2Glow Purifyer & Skin Bloom


Exfoliates, nourishes and restores the skin’s natural glow.


Peel2Glow Purifyer & Skin Bloom is a special two-step product, consisting of a peel and a glow booster, which give visible results quickly. The active ingredients in the peel ensure optimal loosening of the stratum corneum, allowing the active ingredients from the “glow” to penetrate deeper.
Suitable for all ages and all skin types, including very sensitive skin and acne-prone skin.

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Purifyer Peel contains glycolic acid and mandelic acid.

Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) obtained from sugar cane. Due to its small molecular size, glycolic acid can easily penetrate the skin. It breaks the cellular connections of the stratum corneum, resulting in detachment.
Mandelic acid is an aromatic alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) obtained from almonds. The larger molecule passes through the skin more slowly and gently making it suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. Mandelic acid accelerates the biological process of peeling and is particularly suitable for acne-prone skin.


Skin Bloom Glow improves the skin and keeps it in good condition.

Propylene glycol is moisturizing and increases the elasticity of the skin. This creates a less dry and more supple skin, which is especially pleasant for aging skin.
Glycerine restores the moisture balance and retains moisture in the skin, thus combating dryness of the skin. Glycerin also improves skin elasticity.
Vitamin C has high antioxidant properties and a whitening effect by deoxidizing oxidized melanin, slowing down the tyrosinase effect and thus preventing melanin synthesis and weakening tyrosinase activity (through cooperation with coenzyme Cu2 +). Vitamin C also has a high effectiveness in lipophilic and hydrophilic antioxidants and can reduce oxidation by eliminating free radicals and slowing cosmetic deterioration.
Vitamin A acts as an antioxidant to protect the skin from free radicals and the resulting signs of skin aging.
Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin with powerful antioxidant properties that is believed to make an important contribution to protecting cells from oxidative stress. The antioxidant power of vitamin E is also important to protect the skin from the effects of sun exposure.
Tocopheryl acetate is an important fat soluble antioxidant. It slows down the production of prostaglandins.


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