Tear Trough Treatment and Bag Reduction with Fillers

The tear trough is the area that runs from the corner of your inner eye down to your cheek (where tears roll down your face when you cry, hence the name). When your skin starts to sag and become thinner as a result of the skin’s natural aging process, you may get bags under your eyes and/or dark circles. This can also be hereditary. Bags and dark circles can make you look tired. Fillers can be used to correct bags and tear troughs. During a tear trough treatment, the cosmetic physician injects filler into the area under the eyes, which creates more volume. The skin becomes tighter and smoother, and the shadow caused by the sunken bags under your eyes will disappear. 

Reducing and treating bags under your eyes

There is a difference between sunken bags and dark pigmentation under your eyes. And then there’s also puffiness caused by fluid and fat accumulation in the lower eye lids. We only treat sunken bags with fillers. Some people have both sunken bags and pigmentation under their eyes, for which we use a combination of fillers with skinboosters, the right products, and/or peels. We don’t use fillers to tackle the dark pigmentation itself. 

Tear trough treatment and bag reduction with fillers in Amsterdam 

The hyaluronic acid (a natural substance) in Stylage fillers restores the skin’s natural volume. Bags are often caused by the decrease in natural connective tissue and fat, which gives you dark circles and a tired look. The effect of the treatment will last for about 12-18 months. Dr. Saloua always takes the shape of your face and your personal wishes into account. Here at Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic, safe procedures and a natural-looking result are our top priorities. 

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