The Clinic

Welcome to Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic, where creating a healthy, radiant appearance comes first. We offer progressive and targeted treatments for skin improvement, skin rejuvenation, and semi-permanent make-up. We are always ready to provide you with expert advice in our modern and stylish clinic in the center of Amsterdam. We are committed to achieving natural-looking results, so that after the treatment you can step outside as the most beautiful version of yourself.

Our team

Our team shares the same mission: to give you a natural radiance. We cooperate closely with various professionals so that we can offer you an overall package. Meet our team! We offer progressive and targeted treatments for skin improvement, skin rejuvenation and semi-permanent make-up. In our modern and attractive clinic in the center of Amsterdam, we are ready for you with expert advice. We strive for natural-looking results that allow you to step out as the most beautiful version of yourself after the treatment.

Cosmetic Physician Dr. Saloua

Since she graduated in 2015, Saloua Belboukhaddaoui has specialized in skin improvement, skin rejuvenation, and semi-permanent make-up. She believes in a holistic approach, where natural results come first. “Good injectable treatments don’t leave any traces behind – you just look great! By starting on time, minor treatments allow you to preserve your natural beauty for as long as possible. I really enjoy following my patients over the years and making sure they always look their best.”

Cosmetic Physician Dr. Oryza

Cosmetic Physician Dr. Benny

Skin therapist Ruby

Ruby is completely at home in the world of your skin. Her bold approach brings out the most beautiful version of your skin in no time! With her relaxing hands you also forget the daily hustle and bustle around you. “My goal is to draw up appropriate and honest advice with a treatment plan for everyone in order to optimize the skin condition. Skin improvement is my passion and I always strive to achieve the best results. ”

Skin therapist Helia

Skin therapist Djulia

Skin specialist Gina

Semipermanent make-up artist Jana

Stylish eyebrows, eye-catching lips and sparkling eyes, Jana knows how to bring out the best in your features with her ``tattooing`` skills. By bringing out your features in a natural way with a little extra color, she takes the worry out of having to apply make-up every day. `` I love all aspects of the semi-permanent makeup profession. I like to enhance the beautiful aspects of my clients' appearance, so that they always leave the door at their best. ''


I enjoy the diversity in my work. I get satisfaction from making the customers happy and I enjoy working on social media and planning.