Privacy Statement Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic 

Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic attaches great importance to your privacy. As a result, Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic handles your personal data with care. This privacy statement has been drawn up to explain to you which personal data will be collected, what we do with it and what your rights are.

About Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic

Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic is the clinic in Amsterdam, where you can go for Injectables, Skin Therapies, Laser Therapy and Semi-permanent make-up. In addition, we sell various cosmetic products in our clinic and through our website.

Full name: Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic

Address: Stadhouderskade 66-h, 1072 AD Amsterdam

Website: www.amsterdamcosmeticclinic.com

Email: info@amsterdamcosmeticclinic.com

Phone no. : + 31-6-15230571

Chamber of Commerce number: 59036141

Dr. Saloua Belboukhaddaoui is the data protection officer within Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic. You can reach her via info@amsterdamcosmeticclinic.com

Your personal data

For the services that Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic offers, certain personal data may be required from you. Below you will find an overview of which personal data Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic can collect:

Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic also collects sensitive (special) personal data, more specifically medical data relating to your health (condition).

Consequences not providing personal data

You are of course not (legally) obliged to provide your personal data to us. However, if you do not provide the (necessary) personal data, some of our services cannot be performed by Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic for / on your behalf.

For what purposes personal data will be collected

Collecting personal data always happens for a reason. Below you will find an overview of the purposes for which Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic can collect (your) personal data:

If we place your name on the website of Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic, this is only after you have given us explicit and written permission for this.

If you post a comment, a review or a like on the social media pages of Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic, your name and possibly your (profile) photo will only be published as soon as you choose to post something yourself. It is not possible to anonymize your data on our social media pages. This data, published online, is also included in the search engine results.

The legal basis on which personal data will be collected

The law prescribes that if personal data are processed, this must be done based on a legal basis. Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic processes personal data on the following grounds:

Legitimate interest

Sometimes we have a legitimate interest in processing your personal data.

Marketing: If you purchase a service from us, we can approach you after providing the service with an offer of similar products or services. In this way, Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic can grow and increase its brand awareness. The use of your personal data is limited in this case. You also always have the right to opt out of such marketing.

Legal Claim

We can use your personal data to detect fraud, to report this, to hand over a claim or to conduct a lawsuit. In that case, we may need certain information, such as name and address details, to be able to activate these processes. If we were not entitled to use your personal data for such purposes, it would mean that we could not obtain our rights if you do not comply with your obligations, which could put our business operations at risk.

When personal data is processed based on a legitimate interest, you have the right to object. You can do this by contacting us via the above contact details. Your interest in relation to ours will then be reviewed again. When your data is used for marketing purposes, this will be stopped after your objection.

Cookies & Statistics

Cookies are small text files,  placed on your computer via your browser. Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic uses functional and technical cookies for the proper and user-friendly functioning of our website. No personal data is stored in these types of cookies. No permission is required for this.

We also use session cookies. This allows us to see which parts of the website you have viewed during this visit. This allows us to optimize our service and adjust it as much as possible. These cookies are automatically deleted as soon as you close your web browser.

Cookies from other parties are not placed on our website.

We also place (self-made) videos on our site, which can also use the YouTube platform.

Social media

The Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic website has Social media buttons. By using these Social media, you may share your data with the relevant social medium and this party may place cookies in your browser. If you want to know what these third parties do with your data, it is advisable to read their privacy policy. That can usually be found on their own website. Some of these parties store this data in the United States.

Offers and new services from and at Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic

Via our newsletter (Mailchimp), for which you can subscribe and unsubscribe, and via our Social media pages that you can like, we would like to keep you informed of our offers and new services.

Sharing with third parties

Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic shares your personal data with various third parties, provided this is necessary for the execution of the agreement and to comply with any legal obligation. These third parties are in any case:

The third parties referred to above are located within the EU. These third parties are not allowed to use your personal data for their own purposes, including marketing, acquisition, etc.

We work with the following software systems: Clinicminds, Salonized and Treatwell.

We have concluded data processing agreements with the following parties: Mollie, Paypal, Clinicminds, Salonized and Treatwell. 

Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic does not sell your information to third parties.

Retention periods

Data will be kept as long as necessary to provide the services of Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic.

We will carefully store all data with regard to your treatments in a personal file. You can request to destroy your file upon request. However, we will not destroy your file as soon as the law dictates otherwise or if the retention of the file is of considerable importance to someone other than the patient. If destruction is not requested, the stored medical data will in any case always be kept for a minimum period of 20 years or as much longer as reasonably ensues from the care of a good care provider. We always calculate from the moment the data was created.

Invoice data (administration) is kept for seven (7) years based on the legal obligation.

When personal data is collected based on your consent, the personal data will be stored for a maximum of 1 month after you have withdrawn your consent.

Website security

Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic keeps the website as safe as possible. Your connection to the website is encrypted by SSL (secure sockets layer). In addition, the website is well maintained and regularly scanned for vulnerabilities to ensure good security.

Your rights

You have the right to view your personal data, to have it amended or to have it deleted. You also have the right to limit the processing of your personal data, to have it transferred to you or a third party and to object to the processing of personal data by Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic.

You can exercise your rights by contacting Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic by telephone, e-mail or post. The contact details are at the top of this privacy statement. We request that you enclose a copy of your proof of identity, so that we can determine that we are providing the requested information to the correct person. We ask you to make your passport photo, machine-readable zone and citizen service number illegible on the copy of your ID.

More information about your rights

You can find additional information for each of these rights on the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Click here to go to the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Withdraw consent

When your personal data is processed based on your consent, you always have the right to withdraw this consent by contacting Amsterdam Cosmetic Clinic. The processing of these personal data will then be stopped. However, the withdrawal of consent is not retroactive.


You have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. You can read how to do this on the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

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